Apache Synapse Ant mediator

Ant mediator is a pluggable extension to Apache Synapse and WSO2 ESB, Enterprise Service Bus products. It executes Ant tasks programmatically through the Synapse configuration. It can extract properties and values from the current message context and pass them to the Ant build file as properties. Also Ant target can be selected dynamically by setting a property in the message context as well. For example Ant mediator can be used to call shell scripts in the message mediation. Check out the sample, and download the binary with the source code here.

Apache Synapse 1.2 released

Apache Synapse 1.2 is out. You can download it here.

Apache Synapse is a fast, versatile, high-performant, low-footprint Enterprise Service Bus product released under the Apache Software License v2.0. Some of the new features are,

  • FIX (Financial Information eXchange) protocol support
  • Hessian web service protocol support
  • WS-Reliable Messaging through all new WSO2 Mercury
  • More efficient database pooling
  • GZip encoding support
  • Cluster aware sticky load balancing
  • Improved filter mediator
  • Highly flexible XPath expressions relative to envelope or body
  • Separate policies for incoming and outgoing messages
  • New handler sequences for all incoming and outgoing messages
  • Non-blocking streaming message handling is getting much faster and even better than before
  • And much much more and lots of fixes and improvements

Read the Apache Synapse blog to learn what is new.